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Everything. Is. About. Starting. Over.



Think. About. It. For. A. Second.

Every. Nanosecond. Is. A. New. Nanosecond.

Every. Breath. Is. A. New. Breath.

Every. Blink. Is. A. New. Blink.

Every. Swallow. Is. A. New. Swallow.


Writing in that way was just a way to get you to think. There may be a part of you that doesn’t get it. Or, on the contrary, there may be a part of you that feels the truth in those words.

You don’t have to be who you were a second ago. You have the choice to make a change. NOW. If you want. If you don’t want to change that’s fine as well.

I personally like and fear change at the same time. You can’t move forward if you don’t embrace change though. Everything around you will continue to turn and move and evolve without you while you stay stuck if that is what you want. Some people actually DO want that. Not me!

Stay tuned….






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Introductions, Again

Hello there. I had this huge blog going on here. I started it while I was pregnant with Love Number 3. LN3 was born on July 14th, 2012.

LN1 and LN2 were born 16 and 13 years ago, respectively. So as you may see, there is quite a large gap there between babies!

LN3 was born from my new marriage! We were married in October of 2011, and he is the H in my eart!! True! Love of  my life. Biggest Love. Ever. He also has 3 daughters from a previous marriage. Two of them have families of their own, and I am a grandma, already!! The third of his daughters is also out on her own. They are all growed up!

I’m not really going to call our babies by letters and numbers. That was just for kicks. But I do see that people do that alot, and I respect their choice, given that it is mostly and probably, all about privacy. To me though, I’m putting everything out in outerinternet space so, do I really have any privacy any how?

LN3’s name is Olivia. We call her Livi, and I’ll post a picture soon of how adorable she is.

I’m 37 and my husband is 43. This is all new for us. Everything is new for us. In fact, I started this blog all over again, because in a way, life is about renewal. Every. Single. Day.

My next post will be about renewal. Stay tuned.



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