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Manifestation Wowza!!


Wow! The Universe is absolutely freaking AMAAAAZING!!!!

ASK. and. you. SHALL. receive.



The Power in Manifesting is what I’m talking about. Heard about it? Tried it? If not, I urge you…I mean I URRRRGE you to begin. You will find a lot of this information around the internet and in the book/video The Secret. However, a lot of these publications and offerings are missing a HUGE link, a very very important detail. They omit something that can’t be omitted!!!!! I’ve figured it out, after years and years and years on my journey.

Guess what? Some fantastic things have manifested almost instantaneously. I’m talking, a couple of days, a few hours, even MINUTES in this past week alone.

If I sound excited, it’s because I am!!!!!

If you want more information, please email me at

I will send you some free information.

These manifestations are helping me to grow in every way. Personally, business wise, and the new book I’m working on is being helped with this as well!!!

In Bliss,



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Purposeful Bliss

Do you live your life with passion? Do you live your life with purpose? Do you follow your bliss?

You know you are following your bliss when you wake up each morning with joy in your heart and when whatever you are doing feels yummy! When you stray from that path you will be in a negative mindset, you will let life get you down, and that cycle will roll with you.

You can re set yourself instantaneously by acknowledging you have slipped from your joy and decide to delve back into true life!

Let’s go!

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