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The Buzz of Bliss


It is true.

When you have those moments where your entire being is vibrating at an all time high due to the complete clarity, synchronistic events, and the realization that you truly are, at every moment, the Creator of your own entire life; you are, from personal experience, riding the waves of the Buzz of Bliss!




There are no moments alike. Each one has it’s own piece of Divine stuck to it. You can truly magnify this Bliss as much or as little as you would like to.

This is different from when I say ‘follow your bliss’.

This is just Bliss.

Bliss just IS.

Bliss is the same as Love.

Love just IS.

They are one and the same.

Do you know how to raise your vibration?

Do you know what causes your vibration to lower?

Much Love and Bliss!

L. Danielle


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Purposeful Bliss

Do you live your life with passion? Do you live your life with purpose? Do you follow your bliss?

You know you are following your bliss when you wake up each morning with joy in your heart and when whatever you are doing feels yummy! When you stray from that path you will be in a negative mindset, you will let life get you down, and that cycle will roll with you.

You can re set yourself instantaneously by acknowledging you have slipped from your joy and decide to delve back into true life!

Let’s go!

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