If you have any questions regarding this blog, please direct them to mommainthelou (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thank you so much!

This blog, Momma In The Lou, is written entirely by me, Leslie Pipkins. As the owner of this blog, I may accept various forms of cash advertising, sponsorships, or other forms of insertion. No compensation of any sort will influence the way that I write or change my personal opinions on a subject matter.

Any opinion or review expressed in this blog are my truth, and my honesty. There will be times when I may be compensated to offer my opinion on various websites, blogs, books, e-books, or products, and each and every time my opinion will be thoughtfully and honestly portrayed.

Current list of affiliates:


CreateSpace.com (my own book)

I do and will accept products to try out , sponsorships to events, tickets and more. I may also accept products and give-a-ways for review. Review can be given in blog or video format. I will also gratefully do link exchanges.

I am very grateful for any compensation received or donated as it helps to fund the operating costs for this blog.

Thank you so much!


Leslie Pipkins, B.Msc.

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